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                          China Stationery and Sporting Goods Association (CSSGA), approved by Ministry of Civil Affairs of China, set up in Shanghai, October 1989. It is a nation-level industrial association. It originally consists of the productive and sales enterprises for stationery and sporting goods and the institutions for scientific research and education. It is named a cross-sector and cross-region organization. So far CSSGA has enrolled 700 enterprise members around China.

                          CSSGA aims at forming a bridge between government and industries and serves the both sides.

                          CSSGA’s mission is to protect the common interests of enterprises, to defend the legal rights of members, to take part in drawing up the national standards for the stationery and sporting production and trading, to provide economic, technological and marketing information and data, to promote the positive communication among enterprises and to support firms’ technological innovation. CSSGA regards helping the enterprises out as its responsibilities.

                                CSSGA can be divided into two big branches: stationery goods commissions and sporting goods commissions. Stationery goods commissions are involved in paper and books, art material, poker, small office equipments, various stationery and so on. Sporting goods commissions are related to fitness and leisure equipment, tackle, appliances for camping, chess, badminton, table tennis, shooting, outdoors sport, martial arts and sports protection, and so forth. 

                          China Stationery and Sporting Goods Association is willing to coorperate with other associations all over the world and continue to maintain a good relation with the stationery and sports factories and/or firms. Welcome to become a member of CSSGA, getting together to improve the business enviroment and develop the trade.

                                   Include: the paper book, office supplies and machinery, appliances, teaching, student supplies, surveying and mapping supplies, painting supplies, entertainment and cultural goods; athletic events of various types of equipment and supplies, fitness and leisure equipment and supplies, physical therapy and rehabilitation equipment Supplies, sports equipment protection, tourism, camping, fishing supplies, ice and water sports equipment, golf equipment, and other types of equipment and supplies. 

                          CSSGA website: www.csa.org.cn/ www.szbggs.com

                          CSSGA E-magazine: CHINA STATIONERY & SPORTING GOODS

                          E- mail: csa@csa.org.cn 
                          Address: B22, Fuwai Dajie, Xicheng District, Beijing, China
                          Zip Code: 100833 
                          Tel: 0086-010-68396120    68396177     Fax: 0086-010-68396120

                          All rights reserved Chinese culture and education, sporting goods association
                          Address: Rm.120, B22,Fu Wai Dajie, Xi Cheng District, Beijing, China     Zip: 100833   
                          Tel:0086-010-68396120    68396177     Fax: 0086-010-68396120     Email: csa@csa.org.cn